App idea: Open file on tablet from computer remotely

(Merely jotting down an idea here.)

Problem scenario: “Fred” is sitting and writing on his thesis. On his computer lie over a hundred of pdf’s. Searching and finding the right pdf is easy from the comfort of a computer but more of a chore when typing on a tablet.

Solution scenario: After writing for a while and finding himself in need of searching through a paper Fred decides that he wants to use his tablet for this. Fred is a fast typer and finds the relevant pdf file easily which he then right-clicks and selects ‘open on tablet.’ His tablet lying on his desk comes to life revealing his pdf fully opened and ready to be read.

I think someone must have thought of this. Some work seems to have been done on this through the web intents initiative as well as the open intents initiative. However, I couldn’t easily find a working example.

Anyhow. Back to writing.


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