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Den dekadente ytringsfrihetsøvelsen

Fjordmann fekk 75 000 kr til å skrive bok. Det skapte reaksjonar sjølvsagt, bla. i form av denne tweeten. Som eg tenkte eg skulle reagere på med litt fleire teikn enn 14o.

Det er noe dekadent over den norske ytringsfrihetsøvelsen. Hvor lenge gi støtte til ekstremister for å bevise hvor liberal en selv er? ~ Link til tweet.

Det er vanskeleg å kritisere ytringsfriheten, men denne tweeten forsøkjer i alle fall å problematisere vårt forhold til den. Lilla Sølhusvik  hinter her til at Norge deltar i ei ytringsfrihetsøvelse, ein stad mellom ei øving og ein eksersis. Vidare er øvinga visstnok dekadent, som om det er ein luksus som berre oss  rike, naive, sjølv-realiserande nordmenn kan ta oss råd til “i ein tid der me er omringa av ekstremisme.” Og så kan eg problematisere vidare og vidare i eit forsøk på å nyansere djupare og djupare. Men eg ville berre slengje inn nokre tankar.

La oss ha eit offentleg ordskifte der folk slepp til, også stemmene som me ikkje liker. Så, får det vere vårt ansvar å delta i samfunnet. Alle kan alltids slengje inn ein søknad til Fritt ord om dei ynskjer det. Det eg saknar i det offentlege ordskiftet er sterke ord som taler for dei moderate kreftene i samfunnet, ikkje ord som taler for passivitet og inaktivitet, men ord som omgår polarisering og aktiviserer.

Dersom Fjordmann vil meine noko, så burde det vere ein oppfordring for mange av oss andre ta til orde for å meine noko. Også oss som kanskje ikkje har så sterke meiningar. Dette dekadente eksperimentet kan også sjåast på som eit fungerande samfunn der alle burde meine noko om retninga den utvikler seg. Diskutere, krangle, slå ring om, tørre å vere uenige, bli einige, handle. Ord under trykk er farlegare.

Til slutt, ville berre tipse om eit foredrag som taler for eit samfunn som legger opp til meir deltaking frå samfunnsborgere.

The business party, a live action roleplaying event by Immaturus [Pictures]

(So, I helped make this. Just wanted to blog it for posterity.)

What happens when “the firm” throws a party? Some days ago I participated in a LARP event (Live Action Roleplaying) called Firmafesten (eng: The business party). Here’s the Facebook event: Firmafesten. And here’s all the pictures from the event. As I sit here ready to write about the events that unfolded I’m happy that I decided to do so: To help create the event and write this blog post as a retrospect because all too often events such as these fade into the background as our stressful daily lives come in full.

A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus among players. Source: Wikipedia

Studentteateret Immaturus was the organization behind the event. Specifically, these groups contributed: Impro-gruppene, Det Politiske Teater, Det Intime Prosjekt and Skrivegruppen. That last group listed was the writers group I’m in. My part in organizing the event was being a sort of creative advisor and motivator but the one’s who should be thanked for helping create the roles (writing & brainstorming) are Tove Tordson, Valeria Shuvatova, Henning Eide, Håvard Nyhagen Henriksen, Jonatan Lohne Abalon,  Jarle Øyasæter and Simon. S. Olsen. The group leaders who took their time throughout the semester to meet and plan the event must also be thanked, especially the leader for the group leader Yri Amanda who fought hard to get people meeting which worked out in the end. :) And last but not least all the awesome people took time off that evening to just have a game of play pretend. :)

The story that appeared

For a full list of the roles please see this document. Here I’ll just try to give a short rundown of the main story that unfolded in between there were a lot of minor stories happening as well.

The date was May 11th 2013, the occasion a business party by and for the firm Johnsen & Johnson. For a while now the firm had been struggling financially, everybody knew but none had talked openly of it. Gerd Johnson (The old) was still in denial but had eventually been forced to realize that the firm was in trouble and she had asked her son Johnson (the younger) to try and formulate some plan to fix make things right.

Arriving at the evening the employees knew nothing more than that there would be an important presentation towards the end of the evening where Johnson & Johnson would present a new direction for the firm.

People engaged in merriment. Saying hello to each other and talking about work & leisure. Some schemed and plotted to advance themselves within the firm other people tried their very best at not appearing incompetent before the management.

Eventually the presentation came about. Johson & Johson revealed the sorry state of the firm to their fateful employees explaining that it had been bought by a huge corporation known as Epic Corporation and that their firm would called department J from thereon. While the employees were still in shock three people set up a powerpoint to show all the employees the new direction of the firm (or sub-department). This did naturally not go down well with the employees who reacted with some anger. Even more the chief of the human resource department revealed himself to be the new department chief.

Eventually I as MiddleBoss went up and thanked for some very explanatory speeches and I tried to tide things over by saying that “we’ll discuss this on Monday, for now let’s party.”

And we partied.

(That’s kinda how it went. Off course, there were several sub-plots that unfolded as well.)

If you participated and would like to share your story please post it as comment below if you will in Norwegian or English no matter. :)

Gerd Johnsen played by Henriette giving a speech to the firm's employees revealing the troubles the firm's in.

Gerd Johnsen played by Henriette giving a speech to the firm’s employees revealing the troubles the firm’s in.

The best saleswoman of the firm proposes to the firm's heir, thus saving the firm because she was rich.

The best saleswoman of the firm proposes to the firm’s heir, thus possibly saving the firm because she was rich.

The statistician, and the creative consultants together present the future vision of the firm.

The statistician, and the creative consultants together present the future vision of the firm.

Hi my name was Ragnvald Vribotn, MiddleBoss, with a big fascination for stick insects.

Hi my name was Ragnvald Vribotn, MiddleBoss, with a big fascination for stick insects.

The roles that were handed out on beforehand

The roles that were handed out on beforehand

Lessons learned, stuff created

So, how would you create a LARP?

  1. Create some roles & a general backstory to the event. Here’s what we created.
  2. Hand the roles out on beforehand. This is to ensure that people show up. Be sure to keep people posted in the event to create buzz. I posted videos like this.
  3. Create a basic overview over the central parts and post it in the event. Since naturally people in the firm would know of each other it seemed fitting to post such an overview. Furthermore by tagging people in the overview that also helped create buzz.
  4. On the evening be sure to have the overview (like the picture above) printed and posted on a wall so that participants can remind themselves of peoples’ parts.
  5. Print and post a general info page for new people to quickly figure out what a laiv is. Please note that participants were also informed of a couple of safety rules.
  6. Have a clear indication of when the game starts. At the event people ended up being somewhat unsure of whether or not they should arrive in character. I made sure to inform everybody that the game would start when the first speech was made inside the main hall. Before having the speech I informed everyone about the game in general and answered everybodys questions.
  7. Then the game was on! :)
  8. Finishing the game. At some point some people and I just felt that the game had arrived at a good point to end it. We then walked around and just thanked people for playing the game. Afterwards people stuck around just to have a chat about how their experience playing had been.

A deed well done: Recovering some data

Friends of mine. :)

Friends of mine + a broken laptop

At today’s Pils & Programmering a couple of friends of mine came by to let me have a look at a dead laptop hoping that I could recover its data.

If you have access to sound you might consider pressing play on this. Does this sort of tinkering is dead simple though it has potential for feeling quite awesome especially if backed by a certain movie’s soundtrack. :D

My friends' laptop

My friends’ laptop

Transferring the data from the hdd I removed from the laptop

Transferring the data from the hdd I removed from the laptop

So, their laptop was broken and didn’t want to turn on. My friend had bought a large hdd and wondered if I could move the files from their old laptop to the hdd. Thanks to a cheap hdd docking station this was totally possible. :) Just removed the hdd, plugged it in, attached both drives to my laptop and copied over the necessary files. Quite simple, really. I was rewarded with a couple of beers. Now I wonder if I can keep on fixing things for friends to tide me over money-wise throughout summer.

(No worries, I do have a couple of business concepts in the works.)

Å vere den ein er, i korte trekk

Leste eit fint debattinnlegg av Petter Myhr i dagbladet. Teksten er ein del av ein utstilling om kjønn i norsk pop og rock.

Hver gang det dukker opp diskusjoner om hva som er mannlig og kvinnelig føler jeg meg fremmedgjort. Og noen ganger direkte provosert. Fordi det bildet de tegner opp som typisk mannlig, stemmer så dårlig med bildet jeg har av faren min. Det stemmer dårlig med meg selv også. Menn skal liksom like tøff rock, gjerne med poserende frontfigurer.

Kjenner meg veldig igjen i teksten ovenfor. Det er mange måter å vere på. For meg er det fint å sleppe å måtte definere det og berre like det ein liker: Dans, dikt, programmering, teater, erotikk, onlinespel, forskning, fortelling osv. Berre være som ein er. Om du dropper å uttrykke interessene dine så kan det godt hende du kjem til å angre i følge forskning på eldre ved dødsleiet. Nedenfor er ei favorittscene som fint kommenterer  menneskers søken etter individualisme.

Konsulentrefleksjonar og statleg pengebruk

Norge bruker penger på konsulenter, og til tider ein god del. Her vil eg berre raske saman nokre lenker og litt tankar.

“Konsulent eller rådgiver er en tjenesteyter som i en profesjonell ramme tilbyr sin ekspertise innenfor et visst fagfelt (for eksempel IT, økonomi, teknologi, kommunikasjon, bygg, anlegg og jus), vanligvis i et begrenset tidsrom.” (Skamlaust saksa frå Wikipedia.)

Konsulentverksemda ligg ikkje så nært på kroppen for folk flest. Det er som regel kun store institusjonane, store bedrifter, som har råd rett og slett til å hyre inn konsulentar. For det blir fort dyrt.

  1. Ahus brukte 3,7 mill. – vet ikke hva de kjøpte.
  2. Visstnok var det ein som snekra saman ein liknande løysing på nokre kveldar.
  3. No har Ahus engasjert konsulentselskapet PwC for å finne ut korleis dette kunne skje. 

Her er ein frå transportsektoren.

  1. Vegvesenet brukte mer på konsulenter enn på asfalt.
  2. Kan hende dei hyrer inn konsulenter for å finne ut om Jerbaneverket og statens vegvesen driv effektivt?

Ein frå kommunesektoren.

  1. EDBs økonomisystem gir mareritt
  2. Slaktes etter Evry-kjøp

Ein klassiker: Innføringen av Flexus, eit elektronisk billettsystem i Oslo. Fyrste forsøk 1984 – 1996, etter ein rekke problem blei leverandøravtalen sagt opp. Det neste forsøket blei satt i gang i 2000, og etter kostnader på 600 millionar for det nye systemet kom det til slutt ut av prøveperioden i 2011. Det blei også tid til ein politisk oppvask, men politikerane Peter N. Myhre og Michael Tetzschner hadde begge forsvunnet til andre verv (og derfor utenfor kritikk?). Vidare kan ein lese at i 2012 ville fleire firma gi opp Flexus til fordel for eigne kort.  Nokre månader etter kunne ein lese at opp til fleire prosjekt på å lage billettapplikasjonar hadde blitt satt i gang. Så får ein sjå. Skepsis til tross, eg synes forresten både billettapp’en til både Skyss og til Kystbussen er ganske greie. Her er forresten ei lita humorperle om nettopp Flexus, berre sånn for å lette litt på humøret.

Tips meg gjerne om konsulentbaserte pengesluk. :)

Konsulentprosjektet som dokumentar 

“Whether it’ll be a spectacular failure or a roaring success you’ll be along for the ride” (Tim Schafer). Dette var orda Schafer ytra idet han pitcha spillprosjektet sitt som eit Kickstarter prosjekt. Fansen skulle få vere med på prosessen. Det slo an, og dei klarte å skaffe tre millionar dollar. Å åpne utviklingsprosessen slik for fansen, som du kan sjå her er framleis ganske uhørt for mange firma. Og truleg særleg for eit konsulentfirma som pryder seg på sin beskyttelse av klienten.

Hmm. Prosjekter som dokumentarfilmer, podcasts og bloggposts ein kan fylje underveis og sjekke etterpå. Crazy. Forhåpentlegvis vil gjere ein lengre utredning seinare om nettopp korleis eit konsulentselskap kan åpne seg meir og kvifor dei burde gjere det. 

Igjen: Tips meg gjerne om konsulentbaserte pengesluk. :)